Sunday, August 13, 2006

Twilight of the Bras

I hardly ever know what to blog about. As a Laughorist, I delight in wordplay, sometimes mildly amusing, sometimes not. Like others, my attention gets caught by an item found in one of the so-called mainstream news sources.

I could lie and say I was struck by this headline in today's New York Times:

'The Twilight of the Ostrich-Plumed, Rhinestone-Brassiered Las Vegas Showgirl.'

But it wasn't the headline that caught my eye. It was the photo. The august and fairly stodgy ol' Gray Lady, the NYT, displays a nearly half-page robust image depicting the headline above. (BTW, guess what shows up first on a web search of "gray lady" on Yahoo? Yep. The website for The New York Times.)

I can't say it stirred my loins all that much (pretty campy -- I merely scanned the article, what with weekend ADHD and all), but, as I say, the shot of a big-breasted glam showgirl is a bit of a nonpharmacological pick-me-up on a Sunday morning. (After church, no less, adding to the taboo thing.)

Putting aside for a sec the, um, turgidity [just looking for an excuse to use that word] of the Times's prose, is this a foreplay of things to come? Is this a ratings "sweeps" weekend for the newspaper industry?

What next for The Gray Lady (or Old Gray Lady, according to some sources):

-- A page 3 girl featuring a scantily clad babe? Well, let's not stop there. How about featuring a page 3 guy every other day, for the sake of balance?

-- Half-page front-page photos of showgirls (or other sociological subjects of interest as typically found in, um, tabloids)?

-- Racy personals?

-- Lotto and lottery results in 60-point type?

Can't think of anything else.

That's what happens when you have nothing to say and you resort to the tried-and-true T&A cliche.

(Did I tell you we have thongs and boxers that proclaim: "Just Your Size"? I'll become a millionaire if the Times ever goes for that page 3 gal/guy and he/she is wearing Laughorist regalia.)

Laugh. Or...


Michael C said...

Laugh. Or... Else. is genius. It's a great tagline/sign off. Well done ;-)

Michael C said...

By the way,
I found the article you mentioned on line and it would get a second glance from me as well...

Michael C said...
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meloncutter said...

Would an appropriate set of initials for the paper now be the NYT&A?

Now I have to get out my dictionary. Turgiidity, I had always thought that word has something to do with irritable bowel syndrome.

It's tough to have to learn things this early in the morning before the coffee is finished brewing.

And the signature sign off?

It works.

Later Yall.....

MyHeartHurts said...

lol! ok! your a man! lol! well it's better than the poor me's over at my blog! lol! be well thanks for commenting! ~M