Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dawn vs. Dusk

This ain't a humorous post; more under the "or else" part of the "laugh or else" slogan I've recently launched. Right now, it is dusk. Evening. Evensong. My favorite part of the day.

Then there are dawn folks. Meloncutter's one of 'em. You may be too.

Often, dusk marries dawn. Or vice versa. (Not in this marriage, but, yes, in my previous one.)

I am of the belief, perhaps supported by scientific studies, that you're one or the other. Night hawks. Or roosters. As some put it, fowl or owl. (Or something like that.) Dr. Andrew, can you shed any lambent light on this?

In the Dawn Department, I want to recommend someone, informally The Secretary of Dawns.

I do this with some hesitancy. My never-met-except-through-words friend may be irked that I'm being forward enough to shine this dawn-intrusive spotlight in this manner. Forgiveness and understanding are sought in advance.

But we're all in the blogosphere. It's out there. In the ether.

In the mystic dawn.
The beautiful mystic dawn.

As chronicled and painted by The Secretary of Dawns.

Matins. Morning song. Morning prayer.

The still small voice of nature's pulse.

Check it out.

A journey "felt along the blood," to use Wordsworth's phrase from "Tintern Abbey."


Michael C said...

I'd say I'm definitely of the morning variety, but I do most of my blogging at night. Of course I can't remember it when I wake up early the next morning...

the Laughorist said...

Michael C,
I definitely do nearly all my writing, including dabbling in fiction, at night. In fact, I find that being ultra-tired often helps, maybe because all the defenses are down.
Laugh. Or....

Odat said...

Good post..thanks for sharing that...as you can see by the hour that I'm leaving this comment, I am a rooster..my writing comes from elsewhere at this hour...if there's an idea then it flows out of me without thinking.....(wasn't always a rooster tho.., but that's a story for another day! lol).


Dafath said...

O, Gracious light
pure brightness of the everliving Father in heaven,
O, Jesus Christ, holy and blessed!

Now as we come to the setting of the sun
our eyes behold your vesper light,
we sing your praises, O, God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Ron Bramlett said...

What do you call it if you like to go to bed around 11pm, and not get up until 10am the next day?

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

I truly relate. I begin to try to fall asleep around 11, but more typically fall asleep much later, sometimes as late as midnight, sometimes later. (This does not over well with my wife, who works nights twice a week.) But I am not ready to get up till 8, maybe 9. A workday of 10 to 7 or so would be great. Even 9 to 6 would be better. (In all honesty they're pretty flexible at work.)Isn't that what they do in Europe? I could go for that serious siesta after lunch, too.
Laugh. Or...

Penrick said...

I like to blog about 5 am if possible. Things are a little haywire lately and I get it done whenever I can - but early morning is the best time......for everything.

MyHeartHurts said...

I am an anytime blogger. Anytime I am in the mood! I'm sure it would be a better blog if, I was more organized and set a schedule! Be well always! ~M

meloncutter said...

I have followed the writings of Dafath's blog since you told me about him a few weeks ago. I have never commented upon his writings. Sometimes it is best to feel the words you read down to your soul. A comment would, to me, tend to spoil the depth of the prose and maybe soil the feeling of faith I get.

I shall continue to read his writings, most likely in silence, but I hope he know how deeply many of his writings appeal to the calmer nature of [this] man. I thank him.

Later Yall.

Anonymous said...

You are a man of keen insight. Like a teenager, sometimes I think this is some kind of popularity contest, some kind of high-scorer-or-receiver-of comments-wins game. You've said it right. Sometimes silence speaks most powerfully.

Raj said...

Hi, nice post...I like to blog whenever I find time and feel like blogging something. But I'm a person who generally sleeps late..sometimes as late as 3.00 am (courtesy MBA) and prefer to wake up late. So am I an owl?

NMOTB said...

I am an addicted blogger, hence why I needed to take timeout, otherwise nothing will get done at home. lol Thanks for visiting my blog! See you again soon!