Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rank and File Knockouts

Have you heard about chessboxing? [check out the link, with video]

It's a hybrid sport that combines mental and physical prowess (or is that prowesses?).

"The Thinking Man's Contact Sport" is how it's billed.

They just had a championship in, where else?, Berlin, in Kreuzberg.

Players play alternating rounds of chess and boxing.

I think this is way cool. I even love the blended word chessboxing.

Why not extend this to a host of other sports or contests?






It's been said before by others, but why not settle conflicts by chess instead of war?

p.s. Did you know the word checkmate is ancient Persian, or Farsi, for "the shah [king] is dead"?

p.p.s. My title salutes the worlds of chess and boxing. The rows in chess are ranks and files, respectively. And knockouts are, well, knockouts, unless, of course, they are knockers, in which case they may also be knockouts, too, I suppose (at least in a titular sense, parenthetically speaking). Carry on. Laugh. Or else.


Patti said...

Sorry I can never bring myself to laugh at tit jokes. Maybe because I am a girl. A very sensitive one.

Girl on the Run... said...

Can I just say that this... is absolutely hysterical!