Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nary a Solipsist Among 'em

According to The New York Times, the vogue pejorative term is narcissist, used to describe such wide-ranging folks as A-Rod, Madonna, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Senator Chuck Hagel. Aw, c'mon. Anyone can be a narcissist, but it takes a special kind of narcissist to be a certified solipsist. Incidentally, in this image by Ron Barrett, from the Times's article, you'd have to erase "others" (well, everything else, too) to get to the level of solipsism that the Modern Age aspires to (by the way, something castigated today by the pope in Australia).


Ralph said...

Weren't the Pope's men going to execute Galileo for such heretic thinking as this?

Patti said...

Ralphie, you are so cute. ^

Pawlie, I love your blog. Sometimes it inspires me to write a witty comment; sometimes not so much. I cannot keep up with your intellectual bent. I would have to go back to 17th grade or something.

I love the drawing accompanying your post.
Aren't all of us bloggers narcissists, or solipsists, by nature?

C'mon over and visit sometime.