Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spell Right. . . .Or Die!

Spell right . . . or die!

I guess that's how it would've been in the Old School days of Marxist-Leninist rule in Russia. These days, if you screw up your spelling or grammar, you're just sent back to school. . . .rather than sent to a gulag in Siberia.

The governor of Lenin's hometown region of Ulyanovsk (who presumably is a flawless speller and grammarian) was so fed up with bad spelling and grammar that he ordered some 2,000 bureaucrats back to school.

What next? Serial killings as punishment for the the abuse and misuse of serial commas? Would these be commakaze missions?

What awards go to the "Most Imporved Speller"?


mist1 said...

Is it too nerdy to tell you that I am a newsletter receiving member of Spell/Binder, "Binding Together Lovers of Our Language?"

Glamourpuss said...

I did some crappy online quiz the other day that tested my SPaG - hadn't realised the quiz was generated in the US. My confidence turned to irritation when my score was shockingly low - speaking the Queen's English don't cut it Stateside - too many 'z's' for my taste.


azgoddess said...

smiling...just put a good spell-checker onto their laptops...that person (the spell-checker inventor) needs to win the nobel peace prize, in my estimation...amazing software!

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

How can I sign up? Can I write for it? (It all comes back to me, eh?)

Well, c'mon! That annual 'history' test in The Guardian is, do you Brits spell brutal?

I have a tiny secret to share out loud: those spellcheckers can't tell shit from shite. One man's opiniion (intentional misspelling, for the record).


Army said...