Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Binge Purge Urge Dirge

Mardi Gras.
Fat Tuesday.

Cendre Mercredi. Ash Wednesday.



All together now, (one, two, three):

"I want more, give me more, right to the core."

"No, I don't; no, I won't; take it away, punish me hard."

"Give me now, no matter how, make me soar."

"Pare it down, shuck it off, all that lard."

(Okay, okay, so I suck as a songwriter.)

Carry on.

Some days are off-days for bloggers, too.


azgoddess said...

smile -- i thought it was amusing...

Meloncutter said...

Ya think?

I know how it is... There are only so many ways to describe a fart and I am rapidly running out of them.

Might have to switch to belching for new blog fodder.

Have a good one.

Later Y'all