Thursday, February 01, 2007

'Chill, Sil' Thrills As Hot Topic

I don't know what to make of the passionate press dueling of Silvio Berlusconi, 70, and his wife, Veronica Lario, 50. In a word, he's at the least a big flirt and his wife of 27 years is so pissed off she penned a letter to the newspaper her husband hates the most. She demanded a public apology, and more or less got it. Juicy stuff. I love it.

And I just love the picture in The Huffington Post of Aida Yespica, the delicious doll (pardon me, "Venezuelan showgirl") who was the target or victim or recipient of one of Sil's offhand passionate remarks.

Sil, the former papal ambassador to the Cayman Islands (correction: former prime minister of Italy), reportedly says things like, "With you I would go anywhere" or "If I weren't already married, I would marry you right now."

Doesn't every guy "joke" like that when faced with such mounting challenges?

C'mon, Ronnie (can I flirt with you, Veronica, and call you by such a casual name? Please? Pretty please?) You're as hot as that tart Aida (just kidding, Aida, baby!), and you're the same age as my wife. That's cool.

Let's just lighten up, shall we, kids?

Since I'm not running for office, let me just say, "Sil, buddy, you have impeccable Italian taste -- in wives and suits, and, um, colleagues and acquaintances."

Public Blogosphere Letter To My Wife:

Honey, I kid. All the time. You know me. Plus, I just can't help openly flirting (but not on TV like Sil). Can't hide the real me for long, can I? What's a little flirting? It's not as if I'm like billionaire Mr. Big, Silvio Berlusconi, sending out flowers from the Palazzo Chigi every day to some strange woman and telling the world I'm sending them to you. That's just not me. (Sheesh, who has that kind of dough?!) It's not like I'm fighting off Venezuelan showgirls (hey, Mr. Hugo Chavez, why didn't you bring Aida to your United Nations speech, huh?). Anyway, I apologize, in advance, dear. For not being like Mr. B. (Can't say it's for lack of trying, right?)


Laugh. Or.... Else.

p.s. I have attached a recent Euro photo of someone claiming to be Herr Laughorist in case Aida or Veronica need to see how rough things really can be.



azgoddess said...

ah men and their flirting....i just get confused when they flirt with a woman who's man-made....

my friend, she doesn't look like that when she gets up in the morning...which is the true test of beauty....grin got me laughing!!!

Natalie said...

a little flirting is ncessary I think. If it goes on too long or only with one person then it can be a problem but flirting with a significant other just gets boring after a while. They just don't care as much.

Odat said...

Great post....nothing wrong with flirting.....I do it all the time!

Andrew said...

Flirting ... now THERE is a topic I'm going to have to delve into someday. As for the open letter to my wife concept ... Paul you are a braver man than I :o)

Bo Steed said...

You seem too intelligent to be a flirt. Consider that either a compliment or an insult. You decide. And yes, feel free to link to our blog. We would be genuinely flattered. Consider that a compliment.

Michael C said...

I try to flirt, or I think I am actually flirting. Apparently it looks to the flirtee (??) that I'm mumbling and have a really bad facial tick. Maybe I should write an open letter and apologize for that!

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Man-made women? Wot? As opposed to Martians and Venusians?
NECESSARY flirting. Awright!
Are you flirting now??
I actually had my wife read the open letter. No prob! The frying pan in the skull is a very nice fashion accessory.
Thanks for the complimentary insult.
Facial ticks are HOT -- but not as much as verbal ones...

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