Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Says-pool

I heard a radio commercial this morning referring to the Internet as the "information superhighway."

Whew, I hadn't heard that one in a long time.

I never felt that metaphor worked. It is typically invoked by advertisers promising high-speed Internet service, allowing users to drive up the information ramp quickly, yadda-yadda.

I'm reminded of something Henry David Thoreau wrote:

"We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate."

What is a good metaphor for the Internet?

I think it's more like a river, stream, or ocean.

Or maybe a gigantic pool. Yeah, that's it.

*The says-pool.

(Of course, you might argue for sees-pool, seize-pool, or cease-and-desist-pool. But I like the fact that says-pool captures two elements of the Internet: our wading in (or diving in) to a great sea of Something-or-other interlinked like that old game of Telephone, driven by "he said-she said-he said-she said-they said-it said" ad infinitum. That said, let me note that in real life a Google search of my real name nets thousands upon thousands of entries, and maybe as many as 90% are wrong in their attribution. Almost right, but not quite. And it's all a matter of the rippling effects of misinformation upon misinformation, which can never be corrected or amended.)

Laugh. Or....


* The coinage "says-pool" is copyright 2007 by The Laughorist, Pawlie Kokonuts, and his antecedents, precedents, and malcontents.


Natalie said...

says-pool is fantastic. The hting with a highway is that is has a beginning and an end. This says-pool must be bottomless.

Odat said...

Very, very good!!! Now we have to come up with something to drain it with to make it smell nicer.

Army said...

You melt me with your witty wordplay! It makes the bees of my knees weak :)

I think says-pool is the perfick analogy, too. Because the internet is brimming with time-waste and potty mouth. And it promotes stagnation (i.e., I "on the clock" at the moment).

Although I loved the commerical when the guy is at his computer and he gets the message: You have reached the end of the internet. There is nothing more to see.

Too funny!

Glamourpuss said...

We can all have our say and pool our ideas so, indeed, without cessation, that is the internet.


azgoddess said...

ok you got a smile outta me today...life is good!

Sheila said...

superhighway my ass... it's more like the information sidestreet! hehe

Meloncutter said...

I have dial up. It's just the "what? path".

Later Y'all