Friday, August 08, 2008

Losering Your Religion

The Style Invitational, which honors its winners with the honorific "Loser," recently asked for new religions. My contributions, none of which made it into print, were:

Funyoumeantalism -- The belief that the road to heaven is paved with practical jokes. Those who see spiritual gain from attempted humor, even if misunderstood or not funny.

Solispsism -- The belieth that only the thelf exiths in the Univerth.

Awetism -- Belief system rooted in natural mysticism.

Ahhhtism -- The belief that pleasure is the basis of all goodness.

Pollism = System of dynamic beliefs derived from discerning the majority or prevailing beliefs of others.

Canservutism = radical notion that government consists of servants of the people.

Apothecarianism -- the belief that drugs are the way to salvation.

Pageanism -- the belief that salvation is attained through reading or writing voluminous scholarly works (espoused mainly by erudite academics).

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Patti said...

My favorite is the definition of solipsism.