Sunday, March 25, 2007

Snapple Wisecrackle and Pop!

You know those little "factuals" that accompany your victuals (properly pronounced 'vi-tils) that you find on the inside of Snapple bottle caps? (Click on the preceding Snapple link for examples of random "Real Facts.")

Well, The Washington Post asked readers to invent humorous "Unreal Facts," obviously neither as real nor as factual as those items on the inside of Snapple lids, but much funnier.

The results are very clickable, linked here from today's Style Invitational.

It will be hard for you not to pass these along.


Or should I say, "Bottoms up!"?


Glamourpuss said...

Always 'Bottoms up'. Or possibly that good old British toast 'Death to the French!'.

azgoddess said...

now those were interesting to say the least -- i read thru them and at times starting the believe one or two were true...haaa haaa

Sheila said...

Hey! I have to work today but either tonight or tomorrow I am going to write a new post. I miss everyone!!!!! take care!