Sunday, March 18, 2007

Boozerangs and Other Hangovers

Boozerang, n. The boomeranglike negative effects of alcohol consumption.

Of course, that's what a hangover is, isn't it? A fatal-feeling slice back into the orbital lobe of one's consciousness:
what did I do, what did I say? whom did I offend? Except that the boozerang's path sometimes sweeps far and wide, swirling into the paths of other memories, other psyches, other souls. There's no known quick cure for this. Time, wishful thinking, and the hope that one's boozerang-flooded memory errs -- those are some of the healing ingredients. And add a dash of resolve that this will never happen again.

Maybe it's a cheap shot to launch such a headache-inducing post on the day after St. Patrick's Day, so let's cast a much wider net:

No doubt, there are other hangovers besides my newly coined boozerang. We all tend to contend with these on The Day After The Day Before:

  • the hangover of sober memory (did I really do that? how could I have said that?)

  • the regret of squandered opportunity (if I only had spent my time and energy doing...)

  • the fatalism of loss (I didn't then, so I can't ever)

  • the corrosion of resentment (the parenthetical, if not hypothetical, prison of past poison)

  • the return to one's senses (I thought it was so great, now I'm not so sure...)

And the cure for all these?

Exalt in the day;

surrender to the moment, awash in gratitude,

celebrating the is-ness of it all,

sung with the cardinal and the finch,

the silent cat and the snoozing dog,

the meandering cloud and lazy sun,

the melting ice and budding branch.

(The term "boozerang" and its definition, © copyright 2007 by The Laughorist.)


mist1 said...

I never have that first thought listed. I always think, well of course I did that, I was drunk.

Other than that, last night was as follows:

Squandered opportunity: My designated driver ruined my chance chance to get arrested for DUI.

Loss: My beloved earring. I hope it is in the couch, where I passed out. I will never find another earring quite like it.

Corrosion: My stomach lining this morning. I think it resents me.

Senses: Upon review of the video, I'm not so sure that I was ready to debut my big dance move.

Glamourpuss said...

I find a coke and a fry-up works for me - sod going outside.


azgoddess said...

they say the best thing to cure a hang-over is what gave it to you in the first place...

i like this kind-of thinking

as it leaves you with not ever feeling a hangover

i do love your new word boozerang - smashing!!

Natalie said...

Boozerang is one of the greatest words ever created. Kudos!

Odat said...

Ahh...the good old days..hahahaha!
Yeah right!

Dafath said...

the corrosion of resentment!

here the budding branches are redbuds, bradford pears
and just beginning dogwoods
the cats been et
the dog snoozes more and more
the sun has more punch here den dare


jbwritergirl said...

Hey Pawlie,

Wazzz Up? Long time no talk.

Last time I had a hang over was enough to put me off drinking for a long time.

Favorite drink: Takillya