Monday, March 05, 2007

Bitchy 'bout Pitchy

I am neither a musicologist, nor a musician, nor a music theoretician. Nor am I a connoisseur of pop culture. However, by background and training I can lay claim to more than a passing knowledge of semantics and diction and syntax and rhetoric, which brings us of course to the topic of "American Idol."

I like Simon Cowell the most because of his acerbic wit and semblance of taste; his capacity for unflinching criticism. I don't much care for Paul Abdul's critiques, but, hey, she's foxy and a champion of the underdog; always willing to encourage. Randy Jackson is the middle ground between "good cop" Paula and "bad cop" Simon, plus he brings a wealth of music industry experience to the role.

But what is it about his use of the word "pitchy," huh, dawg?

I guess Mr. Jackson means something like "wandering away from the desired pitch" or "not adhering to perfect pitch." I don't know. As I said, I am not "the music man." Surely, he is not invoking the sense found in my trusty old Oxford English Dictionary (OED), or even in Merriam-Webster's: pitch-black or tarry.

Unfortunately, if Randy has a problem with a contestant's performance, you are pretty much guaranteed to hear him declare that the performance was "pitchy" in places.

Help me out here. Help Randy out too, okay, folks?

We need some synonyms.

I'm itchin' for some pinch-hittin' for pitchy.

(Well, I never claimed to be any kind of rhymester, buster.)


Glamourpuss said...

Simon Cowell is something of a national joke. He was on Desert Island Discs a while back and revealed himself to be a bit of a twat.


Natalie said...

I love some Simon too and completely agree about pitchy. I think I understand what they mean but sometimes I would like a little more.

Odat said...

Sup witch you? Dis is the hood tawkin.

azgoddess said...

tell me it's not so -- you actually watch that show??? grin

i can honestly say -- never watched it -- so i flunk current pop culture tests all the time (for the record hardly ever watch tv period except for netflix)

but i like that word -- humm, can i use it? pitchy-good!!!

Dafath said...

well, yaw'll

(am a tad surprised you an idolator.)

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Well, y'all, such a hifalutin snob like moi watching "American Idol"? In my defense, I'm usually blogging, my back turned to the TV being watched by spouse and daughter, with me offering predictions or mini-reviews, or turning around because wifey shouts out, "Get a load of these knockers, Pawlie" -- or poetry like that. Haute couture, baby. Pitchy that.

Meloncutter said...

Alas, I too am forced to set through various episodes of American I'mdull. Not much for the knockers on there though. I have noticed some jiggle content but they never expose them. I think "Male America" would be much more inclined to to watch iffin they was naked.

Perhaps we should get a petition going or something.

Later Y'all

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