Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'Time' Is On My Side (Yours, Too!)

So. You've heard. Time Magazine has named me Person of the Year 2006. And you.

And also you.

And you. You too.

Yup, it celebrates the blogging community and the World Wide Web (some call it Web 2.0) and all its creative and collective and collaborative (and alliterative) and communal chaos and connectiveness.

Yay us. Yay me.

I admit to being conflicted over this. I carefully pored over Time's announcement and did not see one mention of The Laughorist. At all.

And, to be honest, the essay praising us did not mention you either.

Or you either.

No mention of The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile, Meloncutter Musings, or These Are Me Thinks, or the Not-So News, or The Pole Affair, or To Love, Honor, and Dismay, or Odat's Mumblings, or The Bestest Blog, or Ron Bramlett, or I'm Sorry World, or Flip This Body , or Dafathsdays, or Sheila's Thoughts of the Day, or Natalie, or HeartsinSanFrancisco, or JR'sThumbprints -- all right already. You get the picture. (The Shangri-Las: "Yes, we see.")

Alas, no specific citation of A Chuisle Mo Chroi, or Eat Your Young, or Dating Profile of the Day, or LaughMoreLoveMoreFearNot, or Monicker either.

What about the reliably and humorously observant Mist1? Not a word.

O Time! O tempora, o mores!

Hey, this is getting to read like the Litany of Saints, Sinners, and Everything-in-Between. Does anyone know what a litany literally is anymore? asks the ex-seminarian.

But as I said from my very first post, this is all about solipsism, so how can I claim to be disappointed?

Carry on.

As you were.

Who will the Person of the Year be in 2007?

You? Or you? You? Me?

The Cornflake King? [welcome back, and say hello to Crunchy Durden!]

Just me, The Laughorist?

Laugh. Or....



Margaret said...

2007 will more than likely be the "next incoming President of the USA" - not that I have any idea whom that will be.

Sheila said...

hooray us!!!

Meloncutter said...

I have to wonder if every person with a blog, web page, myspace account or other form of internet communication, emailed Time Magazine and requested an HTML banner we can put on our pages, if we would get one? I got one for Bestest Blog of The Day! I Should get one for being Person of the Year from time.

Dammit, We are getting screwed here. We need to demand what is rightfully ours.

I think I will call my Congresswoman and start bitching right now!

Later Y'all....

Odat said...

Ain't it just grand????
Here's hoping your holidays were filled with peace!

msquared said...

Now that you mention it I didn't see the TIme article mention me either

azgoddess said...

wow - what i was missing...smile

thanks for the mention - my friend! hugs and peace

Dafath said...

so its not mees
its ewes... that is them
i resent it
it always them

gem said...

I wrote a post on this topic, too. I thought yours was tres clever. But I was actually honored to have blogging recognized as a legitimate form of communication. It gets a bad rap, and most of my flesh friends won't read my blog. And honestly, it's pretty good stuff. So, I say, bring on the awards!

My Heart Hurts said...

Darling... I became lost at solipsism. All the best! ~M

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I had no idea I was famous. Or you. Or You, either.

Well, damn. And damn. And also damn.

I'll just be happy to be A Person in the year 2007. I grew up thinking that 1984 would be definitive, as Orwell promised, so it still takes an adjustment to assimilate the fact that we're so far beyond it now. In years, that is, not necessarily in details.

I hope it's a wonderful year for you, and all of us.

mist1 said...

I have cancelled my subscription.