Monday, November 13, 2006

Fear and Losing

Long ago (at least in blog years, which means months or minutes ago) I declaimed on the temporary, ephemeral, and transitory nature of blogging. Like anything else.

Then, a few moments ago, I had a scare to underscore that fear.

The whole blasted blog was missing.

Internal Error 550. Sounds like a punk band. Or a security alert. Or spiritual malaise of the lowest order. Take your pick.

I had been told to back it all up on Word or something but didn't exactly know how. (Still don't.)

Joseph Heller began his book "Something Happened" with a line that went something like:

"I get the willies when I see closed doors."

Well, I get the willies when I see my blog missing, gone, kaput, ejected, white space, vanished.

I didn't know we had become so attached. I didn't know I was so poor at practicing detachment.

I'll sleep fitfully.


sammyray said... gave me some food for thought. Never thought to back up my blog writing.

If only I could come up with something worth saving.

Glamourpuss said...

I just copy and paste each post into Word. That way, I have a back-up of the content at least. Was advised to do this because of Blogger's temperamental nature. I'm glad, for once, I listened to good advice.


mist1 said...

I love Internal Error 550. I bought a tee shirt at their show.

azgoddess said...

glad you-re back in the bloggin biz

and i got that eror before - actually it's quite a friendly error...very nice and polite..not bad words or nothing


Woozie said...

That happened to me too. I just keep all the code in the template thing in Word or the Notepad.

Anonymous said...

You have a blog??????


Crankster said...

God, I hate Internal Error 550. I want to TP its house. The number of times that damned thing has scared me...