Saturday, September 09, 2006

Laughorism vs. Laughorasm

I really don't have anything to say (isn't that the point of this self-induced belly-button playing?), so let's see where this goes.

"I learn by going where I have to go."

-- Theodore Roethke, in "The Waking," one of my favorite poems

Of course, I promote laughorisms: laugh + aphorism. Without going dictionary on you, let's say I'm aiming for pithy statements that bring a laugh.

If I elicit more than a laugh, or a laugh as good as an orgasm, does one then experience a laughorasm? Can a laugh be as good as an orgasm?

Some have compared sneezing to the Big O. Not me. I mean, I sneeze with great gusto, but sneezing seems, well, different somehow than reaching sexual climax. That's just me, okay? Plus, sneezes are so public. Mine are. Not my orgasms. (Well, they obviously are public for some. Depends if the walls are thin. Plus, porn stars are pretty public about theirs.)

I may've made people chuckle or smile or maybe even laugh by a laughorism, aphorism, or witty post or comment, but I doubt anyone has ever reached the point of laughorasm. And, of course, I would never admit it if I ever unintentionally made someone laugh while trying to make them, say, aroused.

(Come to think of it, that is the tragicomic story of The Early Years.)

If a woman, or a man, pinches her, or his, nose daintily to suppress any sound of sneezing, is that an indicator of matters farther south, down in the nether world of the Erogenous Zone (more frequently for me, the Erroneous Zone)?

I can just hear the office gossip on that one.

"Man, did you hear that? I would've never guessed it! Always so shy and quiet, too."

I told you I didn't know where I was going with this. I warned you.

Laugh. Or....



meloncutter said...

Kind of gives you a different twist on "laughing real hard" when you think about it. I have laughed till I puked, cried, farted and doodled, but never till I (how shall I say this and maintain a sense of decorum) well,


I am stumped.


did the one eyed hokey pokey.

I shall endeavor to attempt to do this one day however and when I do,
I shall post the results.

Later Yall....

JR's Thumbprints said...

Which is more directly related to onanism? Laughorism? Or Laughorasm?

Anonymous said...


What happens during allergy season?
oh my...

I have definately been misssing something...

lol~ M
"Laugh More, Love more, Don't be so afraid"

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

The one-eyed hokey pokey??!! Yow.

JR's T's:
Laughorasm, definitely that. Bringing Onan into the discussion is so biblical of you.

LOL? not too L! Better make that LOS [laugh out soft]. Hey, I suspect laughorasm ALMOST combines the best of your blog: laugh more and love more. If you're not afraid, perfect!

odat said...

No wonder why everyone in my office came running in when I had a sneezing fit the other day. Geeze, I sneezed 30 times in a row!
(I'm tired now, I'm going to take a nap). (I feel like smoking too).


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Michael C said...

This may not be the appropriate time, but here's a Cliff Clavenism for ya:

If you rub (with your tongue) the roof of your mouth when you have to sneeze, it'll make the urge to sneeze go away. Just try it.

You probably thought I was headed in a different direction with that, didn't you?

Army said...

First off, I love the term laughorasm!! And I guess making someone come with laughter is a stretch because I'd think breaking out into laughter during sex would not be a turn-on but quite the opposite.

However, I think laughorasm is well and good for those fits of laughter where you are literally gasping for air, crying, begging for mercy, and having what you could call a peak experience.

Good show, says The Armyist.

shadow falcon said...

Apparently women are more attracted to men who make them laugh, so prehaps the whole laughter - arousal link is actually valid...

Meloncutter said...

Just as an afterthought, Have you, since writing this considered ending your postings with .....

or Gasm

Just curious.


Later Yall.....

mist1 said...

No correlation.

I have little suppressed sneezes...and big O's.

Andrew said...

Dear Signor Kokonuts,
You've noticed how I sometimes pick on the guys, telling 'em to do dishes 'n stuff. Well check out yesterday's post where I stand up for the guy. Mostly. Sort of. Well, what do YOU think?

Oh, I sneeze with gusto and ... the rest would be my business :o)


azgoddess said...

crack me up!!! love where this went...

and for the record - ftr

my sneezes are never as good as....either