Thursday, September 18, 2008

Locavores et Alia Omnia

I just learned the word locavores, the word for people (excuse me, culinary adventurers) committed to eating locally, say, within a 100-mile radius.

It was the 2007 Word of the Year of the Oxford Amercan Dictionary.

Little did I know I'm so yesterday.

Locavore. It has a certain ring to it, don't you thnk? It sounds like a tourist destination on Spain's Costa del Sol.

All of this reminds me it's time for The Laughorist to coin some words, just for fun.

Jump in. Try your hand. There's plenty of room in this pool.

finavores -- sharks on Wall Street eating up all your retirement so-called money.

amoravore -- one who is famished for love.

toreavore -- one who feeds on bullshit (cf. bullivore).

pairavore -- one who eats two of everything.

hurtivore -- one who feeds on others' pain.

These stink.

I need your help.

Why am i sticking to the -avore suffix?

There's a whole universe of Wordie wordilicious wonders a-waitin' to be harvested out there.


Janna said...

Plastivore: one who eats lots of heavily-processed foods.

Fussivore: one who is very, very, very picky about what he/she will eat.

McVore: fast food addict.

On a completely unrelated note, I just did a post about Meloncutter. After his worrisome recent post, I emailed him to make sure he was ok.
As per his request, I'm letting people know.

I'm visiting everyone he's linked to in his sidebar, to help spread the word.

Patti said...

I love McVore! That's great.

Saladavore: One who drinks a lot of Salada tea.

Haha! You thought I was going to say eats a lot of salad. I know it!

That would be lettuceavore ...