Thursday, July 06, 2006

Last Call

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Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country, Just Ask About Me
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Booty

Look, kids, you can do way better than that. You've got one more day to come up with a new motto for these here Younited States of mind. Something a little edgy, a little arch, that makes a statement, a bon mot, a witticism, a half-smile at least. You are just the crowd to do it. At least one of you is.

July 7. The deadline. If you've already entered, enter again (no sermo interruptus here). If you haven't injected some humor, there's still time.

E Pluribus Unum? Age Quod Agis? Make War Not Love?

You can do better.

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jbwritergirl said...

Still no takers huh? Let me think? MMMMMMM.... check your e-mail

Too_Many_Thoughts said...

would love to, but rhyming and poetry isn't my field..
Was never good with words..
anyways best of luck with ur contest..
keep posting

i_am_not_who_i_am said...

umm...can south africans contribute...

how about : ""surrender to sacrifice""



ps: wot is your blog about???

Michelle's Spell said...

Dear Pawlie,

Thanks for introducing me to your blog -- I'm loving the posts and look forward to getting caught up! Cheers, M

JR's Thumbprints said...

We certainly live in a "me, IMA Short-Term Thinker, generation." Love your posts. --Jim