Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Inn-dependence Day

Today we recognize and honor the hospitality industry (its housekeeping, food-service, and maintenance staff; people at the front desk, etc.) and the people utterly dependent on hotels, inns, motels, B&Bs, etc. for business, travel, les liaisons dangereuses, secret pleasure, or not-so-secret pleasure (i.e., moaners and screamers).

Hy-phens mat-ter.

Keep the E Pluribus Unum Humor Contest entries rolling in to spindox@yahoo.com. Four days left, counting today.

1 comment:

jbwritergirl said...

'The server is down' is my slogan for today.
The Inn is closed so to speak.

I will not pick up, put down, drag around, fold, cook, clean, please, find or locate anything today.

The most exercise I will do is lifting a cool iced glass of beer to my lips and if that gets to be too much I shall switch to a straw and sit closer to the table so as not to have to lift a finger.

It is also my day as a 'veteran cook and bottle washer, mom, maid, problem solver, pleasure maiden, chauffer, and so I expect to be celebrated appropriately.

Hope you have a reasonable day after you nap to get rid of the onery thing.