Thursday, November 27, 2014

what I heard today

  • the chink of glasses
  • spoken prayers
  • unspoken prayers
  • knife cutting turkey with gravy on white plate
  • Manuel and Junior, servers, and their accents (Central American?)
  • the whirr of my 2007 VW Rabbit engine
  • the hum of acceptance from the insertion and pullout of the plastic hotel room key
  • the elevator's churning
  • tires on pavement
  • heating fan in room
  • football on the car radio (Seahawks score TD against 49ers)
  • family voices on the phone
  • family voices, including my own, in person
  • a door closing loudly in a hallway
  • ice machine making ice
  • ring tones of messages on a cellphone
  • keys on a keyboard being tapped, not all of them, mind you, but some of them, selectively
  • gratitude

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