Monday, March 28, 2011


My brand is slipping, which is not the same as my slip is showing, or maybe my ahem! is hawing -- or thrice versa. For someone asserting identity as The Laughorist, I've been remiss (missing and then missing again, Miss) in supplying and crafting laughorisms, i.e., humorous aphorisms. (Well, that is slightly unfair to myself, because faithful visitors here know I'm tirelessly quipping and whipping up whirls of words in witty ways.)

To wit, here is my take today at some laughorisms.

  • Happy Meals are all alike; every Unhappy Meal is unhappy in its own "Have It Your Way."
  • In the long run, we are all stockings.
  • It was the breast of times; it was the wurst of times.
  • Not every good screed goes unpublished.
  • Life is short, Monopoly long.
  • The mass of men leave lines of quiet perspiration.


Brian Mannion said...

Thank you sir! Laughorism 1 (a?) planted a seed that grew into a horrible vision over night: McDonald's "Master Piece (mcnugget) Theatre," a tastefully conceived branded content project that features some of literature's most nuanced characters portrayed by some of 1980s television's most recognized fast-food spokescharacters. Consider the cast:

Grimace as Konstantin Dmitrich Levin

The Hamburglar as Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky

Ronald McDonald as Stepan Arkadyich Oblonsky

The Fry Guys as railway station porters!

Truly, you are my muse.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

No lie, I was gonna contact you through LinkedIn. I MAY figure out a way to go to Portland for business. Mo' later. Danke.