Tuesday, March 22, 2011

fear the beard?

Is there a difference between growing a beard and simply not shaving?

A look in the mirror presents the unkempt appearance of an unshaven social misfit, though that sounds unduly harsh. (Can you be harsh, but not unduly harsh?)

Unkempt. The second syllable sounds so German, and it is by way of Old English, we are told by etymologists (not entomologists; stop bugging me!).


Can you comb a beard, when you come right down to it?

So, you can be kept kempt, Kokonuts.

Carry on.

Laugh, or else.


Army said...

Wonderful stuff, as always! The dovetailing play on words causes involuntary smiling fits.

Fun fact: the extrapyramidal motor system is responsible for involuntary facial expressions.

Thanks for the extrapyramidal work-out... I'm bushed.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Army, brigades and battalions of t(h)anks for your return here!