Monday, December 27, 2010

The Facebook Ex-Spouse Friending Dilemma (FESFD)

As anyone who uses (plays, performs, applies, traverses, browses, becomes addicted to) Facebook (also known as FB) knows, Facebook likes to play matchmaker. FB is fond of suggesting possible matches worthy of the august term Friend. I am using the initial cap F because we're not just talking friends, we're talking Friends, referring to the proper noun reserved for FB's own brand of kinship, closeness, or "I just accept Friend requests because I want to assemble a large stable of Friends to prove I'm both hip and popular."

Lately FB keeps suggesting I Friend (the English major in me wants to say befriend, or perhaps beFriend) my former spouse. After all, FB tells me, we have 26 Friends in common. (And 23 of those are our offspring! Those were busy years. HAHAHAHAHA!) I am not sure what to do. It does not keep me awake nights. But I'm just wondering. Plus, I wanted to blog about SOMETHING.

This Facebook Ex-Spouse Friending Dilemma (FESFD) poses some delicate challenges of protocol and etiquette, at least for some former spouses.

  • Who makes the first move? In other words, who does the Friend requesting?
  • Why?
  • Is it wise?
  • How do current spouses or partners feel about this?
  • How do offspring (more warmly known as children or kids) feel about this?
  • What if Former Spouse A (FSA) requests that Former Spouse B (FSB) be a Friend and the request gets ignored or is rejected?
  • And is such "ignoral" or "rejection" neither an ignoring nor a rejection, but merely an act of prudence?
  • Does aforesaid Friending invite FSA and FSB into realms of discourse and quotidian detail better left unshared?
  • Has someone already blogged about this? (Probably).
  • Is it important?
  • Or trivial?
  • Is Facebook important?
  • Or is Facebook trivial?
  • Or should the question be more Boolean?

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