Friday, October 16, 2009


WTF, I thought, upon encountering this in The Observer (of London, U.K.) dated October 11, 2009:

Sample question
One letter can be moved from the first word to the second word, to make two new words. The letters must not be otherwise arranged. Select the correct letter: SCARF & RAIL; GUILT & POND; BLIND & SAY.

This is for a grammar schools test.


I feel like an ee-jit. A dunce. (Okay, okay. Now I see it. Phew!)

Speaking of the euphemism WTF, it seems to allow the unspeakable, in many polite circles, eh?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of WTF, did you hear the story a couple of weeks back about the Wisconsin Tourist Federation that decided its name was too long for people to remember so they shortened it to its initials. WTF to do in Wisconsin.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Beuatiful. Just effin' beautiful.