Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Maybe typocast is a more accurate title.

I find that by far visitors to my blog come from places far and wide because of one or two posts I did a few years or so ago on the serial comma.

That's right.

Individuals, companies, government entities, universities, law firms, and you-name-its come to this URL to pause and ponder my wisdom about the serial comma -- whether I like it or not.

They come from all around the planet.

However, in terms of keyword searches, "serial comma" gets beat, by a margin of 1% or less, by the term "obitchuaries," from a post I did back in 2006.

So, you never know how you'll get typocast.

As you were.

At ease.


Mark Murphy said...


According to my stats, the most visited "entry page," aside from the home page, is a posting I did on the difference between "lie" and "lay."

Perhaps some people aren't all that apathetic about punctuation and grammar.

(Then again, perhaps I wouldn't want to bet my life on that....)

mark m.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Maybe we're onto something and don't even know it!