Thursday, April 10, 2008


The unshaven fellow with the shopping cart and plastic bags full of returnable bottles and cans, the one whom neighbors fear (not because of who he is but who he might be, or what they might be), has real eyes that I have looked into, a real hand I have grasped, and a real name I have uttered.

His name is Michael.

He remembers my name, for he has a brother, Paul.


Patti said...

Sounds like the fellow I spotted last month after a Chamber of Commerce breakfast with local politicos and businessmen.

The sorry-looking chap was pushing a shopping cart full of cardboard in the parking lot when I was leaving the event.

Seeing him inspired me to write something on my blog, much as you were inspired, PK.

Good of you to introduce yourself.

Ralph said...

I can't complain, as I am blessed with our lives and possessions...If you want stuff to a large degree, and lose sight of everything else, should you lose that stuff you'll think you lost everything...even if possessions aren't as important as the people in your life should be...

Michael T said...