Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scenes From B-r-r-r-erlin

1. Snow then sun then clouds.

2. What appears to be a real U.S. Air Force B-52 (P-47?) "flying" (serving as sculpture) out of a new (office?) building, near a canal, not far from the Mockernbrucke (please add an umlaut over the "o" and over the "u") U-bahn. 

3. Demonstrators on Monday, St. Patrick's Day, on Warschauer Strasse, standing in the roadway, with banners for RS2 or something such entity. Turns out, methinks, these were not demonstrators at all, not street theater provos near Karl Marx Allee. No, paid young people serving as capitalistic hustlers for cheaper gas. At least I rather disappointingly concluded as much.

4. A man with a live rat on his shoulders while going up an S-bahn escalator -- or so  am told by my unsettled daughters.

5. Lots of auburn, red, and purple hair. Pawlie like.

6. Was that you, "August," sitting across from me on the U1 in Kreuzberg?


Girl on the Run... said...

Berlin! Oh my... where are the pictures!... :) HYope you having a fabulous time... All the best, M

Patti said...

Hope you are having a great time, PK.

My grandfather (born in Germany) had a brother named August. He got lost.
Or he went West to seek his fortune or something.

Ralph said...

Achtung! Years ago, I was in Der Vaderland, but not Berlin. Great beer, schnitzels and black bread.And people who spoke far better English than I German. Love to visit again...