Saturday, January 13, 2007

The $250,000 Question

What kind of second home can you get these days for 250,000?

That's the question bothering The New York Times and its impoverished and restless readers. Appropriately enough, the articles was in yesterday's Escapes section.

Yeah. That's the question keeping me up nights.

Truth be told, we would be lucky to get $90,000 for our recently painted house. Clarification: our first house, not our weekend home or summer demesne. Location, location, location. City, city, city.

Of course, those poor unfortunates struggling to buy a second home for 250,000 beans are not considering locations like the urban location of our manor. (Mind your manors! HAHA!) Oh no. It's got to have a view or be near water -- ideally with a view of water on a hillside. And they certainly do not want messy things like people nearby, especially nonwhite, nonupperclass, nonprofessional people. (Animals are okay, though. "We just love the varied wildlife here.")

I'm willing to wager these are the same folks who have fear and loathing of the "wild life" of our cities, who devise terrific policy solutions for our cities, and who proudly sport their so-called tolerant and liberal-minded moral credentials.

How much do you want to bet?

Bets starting at $250,000 being accepted now.

Right here, right now.

As Tony Soprano might say, while grabbing an important portion of his anatomy,

"Right here."


Crankster said...

Maybe I'm just a little bitchy about this, but I think people who have $250,000 to spend on a second house should be taken out and shot.

sammyray said...

LOL I agree with crankster ... my first house cost me $101,000 in south St Louis, and it's now worth around $130,000...and it's too much for me LOL

Glamourpuss said...

Jesus, $250k wouldn't buy you very much in the UK. A two-bedroomed cottage like Chez Glamour will set you back about £180k. Ludicrous. Totally ludicrous. Sigh.


Natalie said...

I can't afford any kind of house becase where I live the best I can do for $250k would be a 1200 or so sq foot 2 bedroom condo. I know it could be MUCH worse but it could also be a lot better.