Thursday, October 05, 2006

For Whom the Blog Tags

For feck's sake, I don't even know if I'm supposed to do this here or over at Meloncutter's Musings' blog, but here goes -- the results of my tagination.

Five Songs for My Funeral

Let me digress before I begin (you're surprised?). This is a semiserious list. It is however something I've pondered. Recently. As noted in previous blogs, I've been reading off and on for much of the past year a book called A Year to Live by Stephen Levine, a Buddhist, a poet, a teacher; he makes much of this -- finding your song. My church even has a provision for this, for incorporating into one's will (haven't made a will yet; should). It's not crazy. But nobody said it was.

1. The Water Is Wide -- A venerable English-Irish ballad. First heard it by The Seekers, a group from Australia in the '60s...who sound painfully tame and bland now. It's a song I've song as a lullabye to my youngest for many years, and still do. With made-up lyrics.

2. Send in the Clowns -- A Judy Collins favorite; though Cleo Laine turns it into something more haunting.

3. The Strife Is O'er -- An Easter hymn.

4. Hello, Goodbye -- The Beatles. Why not?

5. Jokerman -- Bob Dylan. Sort of fits The Laughorist scheme.

I'm tagging these:

Ron Bramlett
The Cornflake King


mist1 said...

I once danced with Jokerman to the nightingale tune.

Andrew said...

A hearty "Aye!" for including the Beatles. Good on ya, mate!

skan said...

good evening
skan from rome here

azgoddess said...

ah yes - send in the clowns...perfect!!

for me it's perfect!!

but for you - why not have all of them...heck, funerals can be damn long affairs...

but yes, they said your one...

actually in all seriousness - mine would be pachelbel - Canon in D major

Anonymous said...

Songs sound sooo sad! ~M

Anonymous said...

ye be so serious for a laughorist!

Anonymous said...

Heavy dude, heavy!

(p.s. I bought that book....Excellent!)


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not... I understood all that. Interesting list. Thanks for your participation.

Later Yall......

Anonymous said...


Cool list, I really like The water is wild, its a cool song.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Nice list indeed. Especially the Dylan tune.

Glamourpuss said...

Right, have investigated and now understand what is required of me.

I do spend fair amounts of time compiling lists of songs but these tend to run along the lines of ‘top ten pole dance tunes’ and ‘tune I’d lap dance my husband to on our wedding night’ but I have abandoned such frivolity for the purposes of this exercise and offer you thus:

Five Songs To Be Played At My Funeral

1. ‘Road’ by Nick Drake (sort of a maudlin English folk version of ‘My Way’)
2. The aria I cannot remember the name of from Mozart’s 'Marriage of Figaro' where the Countess laments what a philandering idiot the Count is. (Nuff said)
3. Either ‘SFM – Sexy Feline Machine’ by Basement Jaxx or ‘Foxy Lady’ by Jimi Hendrix (to remind them what they’re missing)
4. ‘Fire’ by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (yes, it’s a cremation)
5. ‘Beanfields’ by The Penguin CafĂ© Orchestra (to end on a jolly note – I defy them not to dance)

the fantasist said...

The most original list I've seen. But I'm just flirting, thinking of that husband lap dance comment. And I'm at work. Unfortunately, the desk is glass and it can't hide my Never Mind.

Glamourpuss said...

Never Mind? You're listening to Nirvana at work? Rock on!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to pick send in the clowns as people walked it and were seated...but I thought better of it. great list.

Looks like my Dodgers will be joining your Giants in the offseason real soon ;-(

Thebodytalk said...

Is that idea from "the thinker" or "Pregnant Pauses"?

Good choices though...The Beatles's song would be dramatic...

skan said...

good morning
dance of eternity
a song of dream theater
it will be perfect