Tuesday, March 31, 2015

asleep at the wheel

He was slouched all the way back, the driver, in a seat tilted about as far back as it could go. Eyes closed. During the red light. I mean, he seemed out. He appeared to be sleeping, dozing. I was driving the opposite way. He was on my left. Would he wake up when the light had changed? Or would he live out the words sung by John Lennon in "A Day in the Life": "He didn't notice that the lights had changed." If his eyes really were closed or if he really were asleep at the wheel, how would he know when the light did change? Perhaps he was awaiting and expecting a beep of the horn of the cars in back of him to arouse him from his stupor, assuming he was in a stupor. Maybe he was merely taking a meditative pause. Or performing as a performance artist. Or he is an urban narcoleptic. Better yet, the driver was posing for me, for this very blog post. Yeah, that's it.

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