Saturday, January 03, 2015

If I were a rich man...

Good song, entertaining play. "Fiddler on the Roof." Saw it on Broadway with my older brother and my parents. A Christmas present. Something tells me my younger brother was at home watching a famous football game in which the Kansas City Chiefs lost.

If I were a rich man:
  • I wouldn't necessarily be happier.
  • it might be harder to live sober.
  • perhaps I'd be less, not more, generous.
  • my life would be more complicated.
  • other people would view me differently.
  • I might employ the personal pronoun "I" more often.
  • I might forget what it was like to be a poor man
  • I would dress differently.
  • I might speak differently.
  • my circle of friends and acquaintances might change.
  • I might eat differently.
  • I would travel.

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