Thursday, August 07, 2014

poetry in America

Poetry in America suffers from a branding problem, doesn't it? People in this country think of poetry as prissy or refined or effete or obscure or florid or dull or obtuse or rarefied. Perhaps some of that deserved, but no, not for the most part. not at all.

But mention songs with words, from country to hip-hop, and you've got some interest, some fans.

What's the difference?

So poetry seems to suffer from an image problem.

Too bad.

Some initiatives have tried to remedy that: Poetry in Motion on the subways of New York City and the Syracuse Poster Project are but two telling examples. You may know of more.

As for myself,  I've published two books of poetry, one on baseball, the other on Tipp Hill.

Trying to do my part.

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