Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the balloon of happiness

In the adjoining room of the inn restaurant, at breakfast time, not my peak hour, the sound of gales of laughter. Uproarious. Full-on, awake hilarity. Fifteen or so folks, most if not all bedecked in American-flag-decorated shirts or blouses. They were not drunk. Stone-cold sober, by all appearances. Nothing stronger than coffee and fellowship. Talk about camaraderie! Talk about witnessing confraternity and bonhomie!

It turns out they were balloonists; crews from far and wide. Here's the thing: they were not just one team AND their balloon(s) did not even take off that morning. Too windy or something.

Did disappointment reign? Not at all. Disappointment had no seat at their breakfast table.

They were by all evidence:


Which made me wonder, right then and there: were they happy because of their comradeship? Their friendship? Their seizing of the day, the chance to be together, whether in the air or on terra firma? Or did their happiness have something to do with the nature of ballooning, skimming on air, letting go, surrendering to forces beyond your control, riding the current, soaring, rising, falling, floating, being free? Or is this happiness somehow indicative of balloonists and their personalities, their inclination as people to pursue the risks and rewards of floating on air?

They were happy.

They are happy.


ChristineR said...

as one of those people in the red, white and blue shirts I can attest that we WERE very happy. Happy to be together in spite of not being able to fly. Happy that we can share another year of memories together. Happy that our "family" continues to grow. Every year our group picture gets just a little bit bigger. There is a tangible energy amongst "balloonatics" that is palpable and contagious. We celebrate each flight and the success of working as a team to make that all happen safely.
Keep looking up!

Anonymous said...

This group of people who attend the Red, White and Blue Balloon Rally, of which I am one, do so not because of ballooning but because over the years we have become a family in every sence of the word. Yes...we love to fly our balloons but even more we love being together. We love each other. When we are not flying it just gives us more time to be together. We are at our happiest when we are together.
Soft landings my friends

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Thanks for the comments, happy balloonatics.