Thursday, January 30, 2014

Manlius, On Tap

The Sunoco A Plus Mini-Market in Manlius, New York, at the corner of Route 92 and Seneca Turnpike, or Route 173, presents an odd sight, at least to my eyes. It has a counter with five or six taps for so-called craft beers and some plastic cups nearby. I remarked to the young fellows working there a day or two ago how it struck me as odd. I joked about Manlius's need to have artisanal craft beers made by organic elves. They chuckled. (Maybe the elves are imported from Marin County, NorCal.) Although I do not drink craft beers or working-class brews and confine my brewed beverages to coffee or tea, I am not a temperance snob. If Manliusans or Manliusites need this overt display of non-Stickley arts-and-craftsmanship, go for it. Is it possible that such fluids are requisite lubricants for loosening the square jaws of propriety?

Other queries arise:

  • Do drivers do a grab and go with a beer in hand?
  • Is that allowed?
  • Should it be?
  • Or is this merely for pedestrians?
  • Are there sidewalks?
  • Do sidewalks have handrails in case said pedestrians are tipsy?
  • What do the Manlius swans think of this?
  • Do locals hang out at the A Plus and stand around and indulge in bar-like chatter?
  • What is the conversation about?
  • Would it be against a local ordinance if the booze for sale were decidedly uncrafty, such as Budweiser or PBR or Keystone? (I'm rusty on what is in or out.)
  • How would the military forebears of Manlius, New York, view this?
  • Will this lead to an economic boom such as the ones that the Village of Manlius enjoyed in years past, making it a center of commerce?

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