Wednesday, January 11, 2012

risk-free questions! now! join the millions who...

"Try Smarmy absolutely risk-free."

"And now FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY you too can try Smarmy at no risk."

  1. Risk, to whom? You? Or me?
  2. What kind of risk? Medical? Financial? Moral?
  3. What is "risk"?
  4. Why should I believe your "risk-free" claim?
  5. Doesn't everything have some risk potential, including reading THIS?
  6. Isn't all time "limited"?
  7. What is the limit of your time?
  8. What is the limit of your space?
  9. Is poetry risk-free?
  10. Would you mind if I dehyphenate risk free?
  11. If you concede risk is not "absolutely free," then what is its cost?
  12. What is the best currency to use when paying for the cost of risk?
  13. Do you get irritated and sore with me when I drivel on like this?
  14. Do my interrogatives put you at the risk of losing your composure?
  15. Are you one of the millions, or one of the few, the proud?
  16. Am I the only one whose ears prick upward, like a dog's, at the sound of "risk-free"?
  17. Are any of our politicians risk-free?
  18. Is that what got us into this pickle, expecting our so-called leaders to guide through so-called risk-free times?
  19. Who is doing the calling when something is "so-called"?
  20. Who is doing the answering to these twenty questions?

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