Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This Really Happened

Today, while walking within the urban confines of the city of Syracuse:

  • I was startled by a jackrabbit right in front of me near the Franklin Square P.O.
  • then another one by Onondaga Creek
  • stood on a bridge over the creek, a bridge not trespassed by 90% of said city's residents
  • while walking, picked up litter: Newport 100s box [they are ubiquitous], a meant-to-be funny, naughty greeting card, a pizza box
  • was rewarded warmly by 8th graders exuberantly "graduating" from a city school
  • saw a three-legged dog and was spared heartbreak after listening to the owner tell the dog's story
  • saw my cat almost kill a sparrow
  • I rescued the sparrow
  • but the cat had the final say
  • ultimately
  • what -- save sparrows and kill ants?
  • I would've shot the woodchuck digging up the backyard but have no weapon
  • would I have?
  • saw a man with red glasses; he said he has many others, many other colors

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