Wednesday, September 08, 2010

where have I been?

Where have I been, in thought, word, or deed?

I've been to:
  • Brantingham, New York
  • Lowville, New York
  • Ava
  • ignoring Facebook
  • viewing Giants games
  • commenting at the Giants blog (OneFlapDown77)
  • visiting Len Assante at the Delavan Center
  • watching artists' paint dry on the rail overpass on West Fayette Street, Syracuse, New York
  • admiring Brantley Carroll's powerful photos of African-American fathers and sons
  • drinking coffee at Freedom of Espresso, at Franklin Square
  • finishing Martin Amis
  • loving poetry by Bob Hicok
  • Skyping with my brother Jack
  • Skyping with Warren
  • moving Evelyn to Philadelphia
  • moving around the streets of Philly with Yann and Evelyn
  • making vegetable soup with Beth
  • sleeping
  • waking
  • walking
  • writing gerunds
  • not attending the Glenn Beck rally (no brownshirts available in the closet from the 1930s)
  • editing a doctoral dissertation on the history of the Cayman Islands
  • revising webpages for an international environmental and infrastructure firm
  • watching webpage get little red dots under it alleging a misspelling
  • getting ripped off at Santillo's at the Great New York State Fair when I could've ad Gianelli's sausage
  • picking up Adri after she sprained her ankle
  • going to the Blarney Stone with her at a fund raiser for coach Lutwin's kid and hs wife whose home burned on Tipperary Hill
  • lost in space
  • sweating
  • cutting hedges
  • mowing the knee-high lawn, which sounds vaguely Chinese
  • asked Ethan about his birthday
  • taking Beth to the ER, which they cal the ED, after she got conked on the head with a soccer ball; she's okay
  • seeing Jenny, down in the Crouse basement
  • cooling off
  • Eucharist at an Episcopal Church
  • haiku syncopations
  • lurid dreams
  • delighting in the miracle of the late-growing sunflowers of surprise, the God of Surprises
  • in the dream of the night's rain, the rhythm of raindrops


Wanderlust Scarlett said...
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Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I especially love that you didn't go to the Glenn Beck rally.



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