Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3-D rewrite

give me rewrite 3-D speaking of what other dimension none other than smell oft ignored must be offal must it not or even hearing the Darwin finches peering mystically aboard the SS Meister Eckhart or as sights for sore eyes soaring the DDD of Carol Doda no not dodo there's some bird pecking along North Beach circa 1974 that was foggy beyond the pale even with City Lights a-blazing 3-D give me reright I say none of this is original my monkey fingers typing not quite Shakespeare or even much more prose than merely prosaic just a loosening up of the neurons the neural flight paths unconstrained by punctuation which was mostly missing in Latin days not Latino or Latina but Latin as in amos amas amat amamus amatis amant if Proustian memory serves me or you well a deep subject this is not writing but typing not even that to echo Truman Capote on Jack Kerouac 3-D just another letter beyond double D's there you go again Terrance this is stupid stuff not very amusing even to me or the Author how do I stop how do I bail if 3-D rewrite were to bend the 2-D flatscreenness of banality back to the drawing board I'd go collecting scents ranging from craisins to cashews ficus coins to dusty ferns lubricious mud to wafers of waffles and ice cubes crushed by my molars the trickle of metallic blood Soren Kierkegaard thrown in to drop a name give me 3-D rewrite kid boil distill burnish run simmer reserve skim this down to haiku crystal fire

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