Monday, August 03, 2009

San Francisco Pastiche Panorama Puzzle Gestalt Reprise

Coast Highway Cabrillo Highway McNee Ranch Montara Beach Montara State Park Highway 1 cliffs beach pristine sand surf sun azure cobalt tsunami warning sign 280S nameless blazing flowers verdant sand pine crag Ireland-like meandering road Davenport Home Cooking Santa Cruz Monterey aquarium jellies gel jellyfish zen dance slent pulsating room zazen pales diaphonous Monte Rey king mountain crown falls out of mouth uncrowned Los Gatos Whole Foods Market 68 to 101 to 83 to 280N Third Street game emptying out Lincecum nightlights home of sorts City Lights illuminations Sunday Pablo Sandoval Pablo T-shirts Barry Zito Giants win AT&T Park Steps of Rome City Lights sunburned nose Portsmouth Square garage Montgomery Clay Commercial street parking Federico Garcia Lorca Suites nameless building across from Hilton Financial District Chinatown with scupltures facing our room atop the facade dancing muses fog wind walking up Kearney St. Francis National Historic Site Washington Square park public toilet cigar fragrance of al fresco diners Grant Columbus weeping Buddha carvings


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I think you've invented word collage.

So glad your trip was delightful and even memorable, although I can think of a million reasons for the Buddha to weep.

Anonymous said...

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