Friday, June 12, 2009


One of the pleasures of writing, even in the context of a blog, is to stumble upon something you composed a while ago, read it, and declare to yourself, "Hey, pretty cool. I like that. Who the heck wrote that?" And you find it was yourself.

It held up. It still worked. Maybe it even grew better with age.

Similar statements can be made of musical, artistic, or culinary creations (if they are not moldy).

I sheepishly but candidly have to say: I think my blogging was better two years ago.

You decide.

Hard to tell; hard to compare pears with apricots or whatever.

I knew I had blogged before about the word "Esquire" or its abbreviation "Esq." as an appendage (excuse me) after one's name.

I still say I should try it, the whole Esq. bit. Business cards and all.

I'd probably start getting more work, more respect, more junk mail, more antipathy, and more lawsuits.

Still, it'd be an interesting experiment in the realms of finance, sociology, anthropology, semantics, and legality.

Would the bank tellers I know cash checks signed with Esq. after my name?

Would the DMV give me heat if I tried to change my license accordingly? Do they allow "Esq." on passports?

If so, why?

Pawlie Kokonuts, Esq.

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