Friday, May 08, 2009


Walked blind for a while there

Letting the dog see my eyes

Closed for R&R (rest and repair)

Feeling the gravel as much as hearing

That bat swoop nightward

Dwarfing the traffic growl on Avery Avenue

What nerve those summers I worked with blind kids

Pretending I knew their ways

Eating night in monastic rooms

Tonight interrupted by outlaw golfers

Playing the green in youth's faithful madness

Stealing glee from the jaws of the coyote chorus

Sirening in their municipal asylum

Or merely partying Friday night

As beams from a skybound plane

Single me out wincing wonder


Patti said...

I envy your poetry-writing skills, PK.

Patti said...

Cat Haiku on my blog today, PK. I didn't write it, unfortunately.

Patti said...
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Kevin said...

Thanks for the comment back at my blog :)

By the way, read your blog and I agree in saying that you have talent in poetry-writing.