Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Oily Substance

Light Sweet Crude.

Don't you just love that term to describe petroleum?

Yass, yasss, yassss, many have taken up the banner and used that term, or parts of it, for business or marketing or what-not. A lot of what-not.

Light Sweet Crude.

It's a moniker I could imagine for myself, or more accurately imagine others imagining about me. However, on any given day, I submit that I must quibble as to the accuracy of any one of that trio of adjectives.

Lightly, sweetly, and crudely yours,

The Laughorist.

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Mark Murphy said...

In a related development (OK, OK, tangentially related):

Not long ago, one of the younger meteorologists in this area (who always seems to refer to himself as a meterologist) was discussing which areas might or might not be hit by some fairly unpleasant weather.

As I recall, he said that between two areas on the map there was a "sweet spot" where the rough stuff could occur.

Still trying to figure that one out....

Oh well. At least he didn't say "sleet activity."