Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ooops! They Did It Again (and Again and Again)

You must have heard about the couples -- married, no less -- who did

I t

every day again and again and again and again and again and again and again and agai -- you get the point. . . consecutively 365 days (more or less) in one case; 101 days in the other.


And of course they kissed (insert a more lubricious verb here) and told. In book form.

Natch, this was, and is, one of the most e-mailed articles at the New York Times website.

A few items gleaned (or should I say glanced, or maybe glans?) from the article:

-- American marrieds do The Deed on average 66 times a year (that's skewed by younger couples who score on average 84 times a year).

-- These were two independent projects; the two couples didn't know each other; one couple was evangelical Christian; the other was granola lefty.

-- One couple persisted, even after the husband had a bout of, um, um, vertigo.

-- The big question among sex therapists and others: does more sex make you closer? Or do those who are closer have more sex?

-- The article makes no mention of Kama Sutra gymnastics the couples resorted to in order to stay awake.

If you read the linked article, you'll find the expected array of clever wordplay and innuendos.

Innuendo. Isn't that a word that just begs for a sexual joke? (Small world: I see that innuendo relates etymologically to numen, which I blogged about recently.)

As for lubricious, I love that word.

Maybe it will become my new fave word, replacing solipsistic and its various forms.

I even like the audible for lubricious over at Merriam-Webster.

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Patti said...

OK, PK, I read the story as assigned.

I don't wanna be the first to comment. I'll be back to see what others say.

I liked the granola lefty's book title better. ;-)