Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ticket to Ride (Deutsch Version)

So after walking through such venues as Unter den Linden, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, the Reichstag, and elsewhere, we decided to try one of those touristy boat rides with the glass ceilngs. Right near the Berliner Dom, just below a bridge decorated with lovely classical marble statues. It would be hard to believe they are from antiguity since some 70% of the city was destroyed, I believe, in World War II.

Anyway, the posted cost was 7 euros each (for two adults) and 3 euros for those under 14 (one). But the curly-haired guide told us she did not offer the tour in English. She uttered this in flawless English, of course. We asked about alternatives. She knew of none. She offered us a discount; 14 euros total. We took it.

It wasn't too bad; nor too great. For one hour, we toured the canals and rivers and listened to the tour guide's descriptions in German. That wasn't really bothersome. What was bothersome was not being in on the jokes. She seemed to telling jokes about architecture, seemed to be mocking the new chancellery buildings near the Reichstag. Maybe she was being sarcastic about the costs. I picked up the word "euros' frequently. I became defensive in my mind, defending the architects of this modern, dynamic buildings. I don't knpw what her laugh-out-loud jokes were, what her shtick is. I'll never know.

This coincided later that day with finishing Grammar Lessons by Michele Morano, with its telling observations about fluency and language and cultures.

It's late.

A few more headlines:

Only by happening to read The Guardian did I discover that a significant part of the wall was removed secretly in the night while we were here.

In the dead of night.

What a shame.

Does anyone here even know? Certainly no protests or alarms. Maybe that is the bigger crime.

Homeward bound soon.

Yes, we have our own shames to contend with.



Glamourpuss said...

Yes, the removal of that last wall section was quite a big story over here. I was 'involved' with a Berliner at the time the wall came down. That was a good night...


Sheila said...

I don't remember it. I do remember reading about it in school a lot though. And talk of David Hasselhoff..... hope you have a great weekend!

azgoddess said...

peace to you also, my friend -- have a safe journey home!