Monday, June 19, 2006

The Millionth Word

Recently, The Style Invitational weekly humor contest of The Washington Post invited entrants to coin "the millionth word" in the English language (yeah, someone's counting). It had to end in -ion. Here are my entries:

derriaeration -- flatulence.

orgasanation -- a group of very excited individuals; highly motivated team.

anorerection -- loss of appetite for, um, excitement.

zodiaction -- action taken after reading one's daily horoscope.

antipastion -- place to wait before being served at Italian restaurant.

decolletagion -- infectious competition to see who has the most revealing plunging neckline (occurs during awards shows).

sacramention -- something you swore you would never tell.

camisolution -- method by which a woman changes a man's mind.

commation -- disturbance or confusion owing to a misplaced or misused comma.

commoanication -- expression of pain, complaint, or lament.

incognation -- a country blinded by ignorance.

lameantation -- regret over what one meant to say.

fruction -- the fruits of sucking up to someone.

We'll see which ones, if any, find ink in The Washington Post.

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